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  The Travesty
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In 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt created and dedicated the Grand Canyon National Monument. This precursor to the National Park Service was the apple of Roosevelt's eye. The beauty of the Grand Canyon moved him to pen this quote; "Do nothing to mar it's grandeur, for the ages have been at work upon it and man cannot improve it. Keep it for your children, your children's children and all who come after you."

Well my friends, if our children's children are to have the opportunity to witness the beauty and grandeur of the Grand Canyon as Theodore Roosevelt implored, they had better have very big wallets!! If things keep going the way they are going, in 5 years, who knows, it may cost $100 per person to enter the gates of the Grand Canyon National Park.

Yes it is true, as Roosevelt stated, "The ages have been at work on it." Well, now some government committee has DONE A NUMBER on it!! This effects all of us from the small family on a once in a lifetime vacation to the big corporate tour bus company and everyone in between. Those paying the highest price are the small independently owned tour companies in the Grand Canyon area. These outfits struggle from year to year to survive. The tourist is king to these companies and soon they may be a thing of the past.

One good example of this is my own tour company, Marvelous Marv's Private Tours, that I have owned and operated for the past 4 years, based in Williams, Arizona 50 miles south of the Grand Canyon's South Rim. I take my patrons on an adventure through time and so far, everyone who has ever been on one of my tours has had nothing but good things to say. The proof is in the books that I ask all of my guests to sign on their way home from a full day of Northern Arizona lore and legend. I try to personalize all of my tours to suit my patrons, and I hope that those who have traveled with me, take a piece of the Grand Canyon as well as what I have tried to impart, home with them. Whether home be Perth Australia or Phoenix, Arizona, I have had the opportunity to touch the lives of many people through my tours.

This is all about to come to a screeching halt! Beginning in 1998, the entry fees that I pay for my 10 passenger van will increase from the current $45 fee to, get ready for this folks, $125.00 PER DAY! That's a whopping $3,750.00 a month!! Sit down for a minute and take a deep breath and then read that over again! Yes it is true. The government has once again targeted the little guy (that's me!) to pay for all the hidden costs, instead of either passing them on to corporate America or spreading them out so that everyone pays. THIS IS JUST PLAIN RIDICULOUS AND UNFAIR!!

For your information, passenger vehicles are currently charged an entry fee of $20 per day. That $20 receipt is good for seven, count them SEVEN days! So when the Jones' have finished with their day of sightseeing at the Grand Canyon and are ready to travel to Las Vegas, they go back to their hotel where they take the receipt to the front desk and ask the clerk to please give this to someone else, since it is good for seven days, someone else should be able to use it. This makes that person feel good about what he has done, sharing and all, and it makes the recipient feel like they have gotten away with something. Well, my friends, they have and so has the government and the National Park Service, they have gotten away with sticking it to the little guy (that's me!) who is now paying $125.00 PER DAY (that's $3,750 a month folks!) for a 15 passenger van!!

I ask you, can you find fairness in the obvious injustice? How can the Government, i.e. the Park Service justify this blatant example of TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION? If the Park Service were the King of England and the Grand Canyon were Boston Harbor--WELL-- does anything more need to be said?

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